Bits of Gold offers various payment methods and solutions to buy/sell crypto for your convenience. 


1. Bank Transfer: This option is relevant for buys from ₪750 and up. The rate for bank transfer orders is locked on the next round hour, during our business hours, after the funds are received in our bank account or on the next business day if the transfer is done after our business hours. 

2. Credit Card - This option is relevant for buys from ₪500 - ₪5,000. The order rate will be determined immediately after payment is confirmed (in accordance with our credit card risk management policy and due to your profile confirmation).

3. Cash: BitATM - You can buy BTC at the ATM located at the Bitcoin Embassy, at Achuzat Bayit 1, Tel Aviv. This option is relevant for buys from ₪20-₪5,000 per day, per customer. The rate is automatically locked and the coins are sent to your wallet immediately, though it may take some time for you to see the coins on your wallet due to traffic on the Blockchain. 


1. Bank Transfer: for sells with a value from ₪750 and up. The order's rate will be automatically locked after one confirmation on the Blockchain.