Payment process:

1. Go to Bits of Gold's homepage and choose the "Buy" option. Choose the cryptocurrency you wold like to buy - BTC or ETH. Select "Bank Transfer" from the payment methods offered based on the desired purchase amount (from ₪750, minimum commission of 75 ILS). Click on "Continue".

2. A) Transfer the payment to the company's bank account:

   For: Bits of Gold

        Bank: Leumi (10)

        Branch: 811

        Account number: 55970055

        IBAN: IL310108110000055970055


    B) Please add the order's number (as specified in your order) in the transfer's notes.

    C) Upload a picture of the reference that you received from your bank.

    D)  Enter the reference / transfer number as assigned to you by the bank and click on "Continue".

3.  Bank Account Information - Please choose the bank you sent the funds from or type its name if it doesn't appear on the page. 

 Specify your branch and account numbers, as well as your name and click on "Continue".

4. Add your wallet address. We strongly recommend  to named it so it will be easier to identify on your next order! In case you don’t have a wallet yet, you can watch our video guide.

* If it’s not your first order, this step will be shown at an earlier stage at the order process.

At this point, your order was created successfully! Your payment must reach our bank account, and your rate will be locked on the next round hour after the funds were received, or at 10:00 on the next business day if the funds were received outside of our business hours. The coins will be sent as soon as possible and up to three business days after the rate is locked.

Important Information:

1. Minimum bank transfer amount: ₪750.

2. The rates are locked from 10:00 to 18:00, from Sunday to Thursday.

3. The rate for your order will be locked only after the payment is identified.

4. Funds that are not matched to a specific order after 48 hours will be returned to the sender, to the same bank account they were sent from.

5. Buys from ₪50,000 will require the customer's face-to-face signature on mandatory KYC documents in our office. We won't lock the rate for orders from ₪50,000 until the customer has set a meeting for the signature.


5.95% of the transaction cost.

*Minimum commission of 75 ILS