Choose the "Sell" option on the company's website. Choose the wallet type you wish to sell the coins from and Click on "Continue".
* If you choses "External wallet" you will be asked to transfer the coins to Bits of Gold's wallet address later.

Choose the crypto coin you want to sell, its account (in case you have multiple accounts) the amount, and click "Continue".

Choose the bank you want us to send the funds to, or fill in its details if it doesn't appear on the page - bank name, branch, account number, and account owner name. 

When selling from Bits of Gold cold managed wallet, all the tax deduction process is made by us! In case you have tax exemption, please click the check box, else click on finish.

At this step the sell was created and the funds will be sent to your bank account soon.

Important Information about External Wallet:

* The Company is not responsible for transactions that failed to enter the block due to low mining fees.

* The wallet address is a one-time use address, the rate will only lock for the first transaction received in the wallet.