ETH Sell process in 3 easy steps!

1.Choose the "Sell" option on the company's website.
Choose ETH and enter the desired sell amount. Choose "Bank Transfer" (relevant for sell orders from ₪1,000). Click on "Continue".

2. Choose the bank you want us to send the funds to, or fill its details if it doesn't appear on the page - bank name, branch, account number and account owner name.

3. Transfer the coins to the wallet address specified on the screen (you can do so with your QR code or manually through your wallet). After you've sent the coins, click on "I sent the coins to Bits of Gold" and on "Complete Process". 

* The order's rate will be automatically locked after receiving the coins in the company's wallet (and after one confirmation on the Blockchain). The proceeds for the sell will be sent to the bank account that appears in the order as soon as possible and according to our business hours.

Important Information:

1. The Company is not responsible for transactions that failed to enter the block due to low mining fees.

2. The wallet address is a one-time use address, the rate will only lock for the first transaction received in the wallet.

3. Receiving money in bank transfer in amounts greater than ₪50,000 requires face-to-face signing of relevant KYC documents and answering additional questions regarding customer identification and source of funds, in accordance with regulatory requirements. 

Sell Fee:

6.95% of transaction cost.