After your rate is locked, you are not exposed to changes in the price. 

Bank Transfer 


Rates are locked on the next round hour after your funds have reached our bank account, during our business hours. If your transfer reaches our account outside of our business hours, your rate will be locked on the next business day, after your order has been matched to the bank transfer. If everything is done properly (profile is verified and complete, we have found your order number, no KYC signature is needed) your rate will be locked on the next business day at 10:00.

In most cases, your bank transfer depends on your bank's times and confirmation. Our bank account is in Leumi bank. If you send from a bank other than Leumi, it will take one business day from the moment the transfer was approved by your bank, to reach our account. For example, if you transfer us funds on a Friday morning, your bank will only approve it on Sunday, and it will reach our account only on Monday. If you transfer on a Monday night, after the bank's business hours, your bank will review and approve it on Tuesday, and it will reach our bank account only on Wednesday. 

Transfers within Leumi bank will reach our account after the transfer was approved, on the same day. IBAN transfers function as an internal bank transfer, except that they require your bank's approval, so it takes about two hours to reach our account. In these cases, your rate will be locked on the next round hour after the funds have reached our account and you have uploaded a reference for the transfer. 


Your order's rate will be locked automatically after one confirmation on the Blockchain.

Credit Card

The order rate will be determined immediately after payment is confirmed (in accordance with our credit card risk management policy and due to your profile confirmation).