Bank Transfer

The amount of time it takes varies according to the order's NIS amount and on the bank's approval of the transaction.

Bank transfers are divided into two groups:

1. Orders under ₪50,000: After the rate was locked, the funds for your sell will be sent as soon as possible, this can take from several hours to several days, as specified on our website and according to our business hours. Depending on your bank account and your profile's approval on our website, you'll be able to see the money in your bank account after one business day. Our bank account is in Leumi bank. If your bank is also Leumi, you will receive the funds on the same day the transfer is sent to your account. Inter bank transfers (from Leumi to another bank) take one business day, therefore you will usually get the money in your account within two business days.

*It is important to note that this process is dependant on your bank and their business hours, as well as their approval of the transaction, therefore the process might take longer.

2. Orders from ₪50,000: The process for orders from ₪50,000 is different than the previous one. First of all, you have to come to our office and sign the relevant KYC documents, and answer a series of questions from the bank. The rate for your order will only be locked after you have set an appointment to sign the documents. After this process is finalized, both our bank and yours will need to verify and accept the transfer. The time it takes for all of this process to finalize varies with each transaction, and therefore we can't commit to a specific time line. But no need to worry, we will be in constant touch with you about the status of your order.

Cash - Temporarily not supported

A withdrawal code is sent to your phone by SMS to the phone number that is specified on your profile. You will receive the withdrawal code as soon as possible and this can take from several hours to several days, as specified on our website and according to our business hours. This usually happens within one business day after your order's rate was locked and the profile is verified.

If your rate was locked outside of our business hours, you will get the SMS on the next business day.

After receiving an SMS with the money withdrawal code, go to one of the GMT branches. Identify yourself with a valid ID and the withdrawal code.